P&P’s Daughter – Ch. 3.1

MARCOS PACKED AS MUCH as he could into the three suitcases he always traveled with. He arranged for the rest of his belongings to be shipped later by the moving company he hired. Then he took a shower, a very cold shower, and tried to go to sleep.

Sleep would not come near him. Had it become an enemy, too, refusing to let him get the smallest ounce of rest? His body and heart had already turned against him. They both wanted Chasity and was giving him fits about leaving her.

Marcos’ mind was tormenting him as well, but in a different way. It wouldn’t stop pulling up memories of their time together. Happy memories. Their first Thanksgiving and Christmas together. Their first Valentine’s Day together. Their first of all firsts together – the first time he took possession of her sexy body.

It happened right here in this apartment. In the very sleigh bed he was in now. Since insomnia wanted to dance the tango with him, Marcos allowed his mind to linger on the memory of what it was like to make love to Chasity for the first time.


He took his time loving on her full curves as he hovered above her. Yes, to bring her to a slow boiling point, but also to just savor her. He waited so long to have her and didn’t want to rush a second of it. He’d been beyond gentle when he finally claimed her as his own.

Marcos moaned and his lower body tightened with need as he recalled how snug Chasity had been. How good it felt being one with her. How quickly good turned into sublime with each unhurried stroke. How effortlessly she matched his rhythm as if she’d been made just for him.

Things got so intense between them at one point that they dropped their gazes in unison and just watched their coupling in silent awe. Each advance and retreat was saturated with passion’s dew until a monsoon rushed forward and drenched the bed beneath them.

Marcos moaned again and reached down to squeeze out some of the ache from his rigidity. I don’t know if I’m strong enough to leave all that good-good behind. Not to mention, she is carrying my child, he mused, starting to have a severe case of second thoughts.

“Maybe we should just get married and keep the baby,” Marcos reasoned aloud. His father had plenty of money and would gladly give him whatever he needed to take care of Chasity and their Valdez offspring. “Yeah, that sounds like a workable plan. I’ll pop the question in the morning.”

With his mind swinging in a more positive direction like a pendulum seeking an equilibrium position, he yawned as sleep finally spread its arms wide and embraced him with much needed slumber.


© 2017 by Suprina Frazier

Photo credits: https://bibliolore.org/2016/09/29/tango-and-therapy/


  1. Y’all excuse me but I like To have said….n🎵➕✔️➖〰 WHET? You just all of a sudden change your mind and then you go to sleep!!! Okay, okay calm down Trice……listen I need him to wake ALL the way u, snap up out ALL them memories and get a reality check. You just broke that girls very spirit!!!!! And she got that super Saint daddy who acting a fool. Uhm, what’s next?????

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