Taming Amos – Ch. 24.1

For their trip to the opera, Amos wore the new black sack suit he recently ordered through the mail. He’d been buying a lot of new clothes and shoes lately in his zeal to be and look like the kind of man that Minda deserved. Being homebound for days that turned into weeks gave him ample time to browse catalogs and be very particular with his selections.

Amos even took some of the hair off his face for this occasion. Though he still left his beard and mustache in place, he had them trimmed up to the point that they were no longer scruffy and wild. Now they were neat and tamed…like his heart.

Minda was dressed equally special. Correction, she was dressed exquisitely thanks to Elnora, who helped her put the whole outfit together. Halona left the fashion expertise up to her friend, but instead volunteered to look after Motega while they enjoyed their day trip.

Minda’s turquoise dress was made of fine silk with an overlapping black lacy panel straight down the middle. The sleeves were puffy near her shoulders and then gradually narrowed before stopping at her wrists. The neckline went all the way up to her neck and was trimmed in black lace. Her small waist made a perfect ‘V’ and there was no need for a bustle because her salubrious curves filled out all the necessary places.

Her black mid-calf boots were embroidered with floral designs. They were about three inches in height and made her toes look pointy and deliciously dainty.

1885 boots

Minda’s turquoise and black earrings, purse, and collapsible hand fan matched her dress. The sparkly turquoise headdress nestled in her coiffure made her look like royalty. Especially when the bright sunlight danced upon it.

Amos couldn’t stop staring at her and did so as often as he could on the long trail to North Platte, which was two towns northeast of Miskito. He also couldn’t stop telling her how beautiful she looked. He definitely couldn’t stop wondering if the shiny gloss on her lips had a flavor to it.

“If it’s all the same to you, I’d like to talk about something besides how I look.” Minda chuckled after he’d called her beautiful yet again.

Amos laughed. “As you wish, madam. What else would you like to talk about? This beautiful weather that we’re having today?”

“No. Your life before Miskito. I’m particularly interested in the years you spent as a logger.”

“Well, when it came to the lumber camps, they were copycats of each other. Each one had an office, sleep camp, cookhouse, blacksmith shop, stable, and a foreman that ran it. Only the cookhouse varied in style, which had a lot to do with the cook’s preferences,” Amos shared, smoothly guiding the two horses left at the crossroads.

“What did you do for entertainment?”

“For the most part, we made up our own entertainment and music was a big part of it. I played the piano many a night after work and led many logger songs. On the weekends, some of us traveled to nearby towns for other types of entertainment.”

Minda’s cheeks turned reddish brown at the reality of what his former life entailed, yet to her credit, she didn’t blink an eye or become judgmental. Instead she inched closer to him and looped one of her arms through his.

She’s coming around nicely. Amos smiled at her and nodded his gratitude. He appreciated her open-mindedness. The possessive way she held his arm was not lost to him and was appreciated as well.


© 2018 by Suprina Frazier

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